New Disney Cartoon Attacks America

( — Disney has launched a fierce attack on America in the form of a new “woke” cartoon. The animated show has been labeled “anti-white propaganda” and features black children performing a rap about reparations. The rap contains lyrics stating that Abraham Lincoln had no real desire to end slavery and therefore his statues should be dismantled. The cartoon has been met with outrage and the hashtag #BoycottDisney is trending on Twitter.

In one scene from the cartoon, a group of child protestors has gathered to denounce Abraham Lincoln when they are approached by police officers in riot gear. The message of police brutality is clear. But the overriding theme of the cartoon is the message that slaves built the United States and are therefore entitled to financial compensation.

Reparations for blacks is not confined to woke cartoons however and is close to becoming reality in California. Last December, a task force was created to formulate a plan to provide compensation to black residents of the state. According to economists hired by the task force, compensation calculations should take into account the devaluation of black businesses, acquisition of black property by the government, over-policing, homelessness, and housing discrimination. The group has been tasked with figuring out who should be compensated and why.

The latest Disney move is likely to further exacerbate tensions between the company and the firebrand Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. DeSantis went to war with Disney when it denounced his law preventing teachers from discussing private or adult matters with the children they teach. The Parental Rights in Education law was passed in 2022 and reportedly has the support of the majority of Floridians, regardless of political party preference.

In his latest move, the Governor told Disney that they would no longer administer their own territory in central Florida and that this would be under the control of the state within two years.

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