Russian Soldier Explains Moscow’s “Meat Assault” Tactic

( — A Russian soldier deployed in Ukraine recently explained why Moscow has resorted to “meat assaults,” Newsweek reported.

In a post on X, the independent media project WarTranslated, which translates materials about the war in Ukraine into English, shared a Telegram post by Russian military blogger who goes by the nom de guerre “Vozhak Z,” a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine, who described meat assaults.

Vozhak Z said meat assaults occur when forces are ordered to strike without artillery support or “suppressing enemy firing points.”

According to the Institute for the Study of War, meat assaults have led to heavy casualties among Russian infantry, particularly among Storm Z detachments, units made up of former convicts, the UK Telegraph reported.

The Institute revealed this week that as much as 70 percent of Storm Z personnel have been killed in the attacks since they lack crucial artillery support.

Russian military bloggers like Vozhak Z have been documenting the use of meat assaults, pointing out that they lack proper coordination and planning, with Storm Z personnel often being sent into battle without coordination with nearby units or reconnaissance.

Because the assaults lack artillery support, soldiers wounded in the assaults cannot be evacuated.

Vozhak Z criticized the lack of training given to Storm Z personnel and noted that their use in meat assaults has created a breakdown in discipline and trust within Storm Z units, with soldiers often refusing to follow the orders of their commanders.

Despite heavy losses, the Russian Army is reportedly preparing another meat assault near Avdiivka, the Telegraph reported.

According to Vozhak Z, his unit’s meat assaults are only being used to wear Ukrainian forces down before additional Russian troops are added to the assault.

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