Analyst Says Putin Planned “False Flag” Coup

( — Last Saturday, after Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin called off his short-lived rebellion to oust Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Fox News contributor Rebekah Koffler suggested that the rebellion was a “classic false flag” Prigozhin concocted with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mediaite reported.

The Wagner chief and 25,000 of his fighters marched to Rostov in southern Russia on Saturday, taking over the Russian army headquarters with a plan to make their way to Moscow. But less than 24 hours after it began, Prizozhin’s rebellion fizzled out not long after President Putin spoke on national TV where he branded the leaders “traitors.”

Appearing on Fox News with host Eric Shawn, Koffler said that based on her intelligence analysis, the rebellion was a “classic false flag operation” that was “orchestrated by Putin and Prigozhin”

She argued that Prigozhin is a “highly intelligent” man who went from being a prisoner to the “owner of a multi-million catering business” that works with the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin himself.

Koffler expressed disbelief at the idea that Prigozhin would suddenly decide to call off his march to Moscow and make a deal, concluding that it must have been staged.

She suggested that Putin staged the rebellion to make himself look weak and make it appear that there was a danger of a “military insurrection” as a “pretext to declare martial law.”

Calling it a “classic distraction,” Koffler said that the rebellion may have been used to send the message to President Biden that Russia is not a threat because it is embroiled in domestic turmoil.

Koffler also argued that the rebellion may have been used to justify another mobilization of Russian forces to Ukraine.

Toward the end of the segment, Koffler said Putin’s grip on power will not be weakened and predicted that he may use Prigozhin’s rebellion as a pretext to get rid of Defense Minister Shoigu. She told Eric Shawn that Putin will mobilize additional troops and “re-energize his offensive” in Ukraine.

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