Rudy Giuliani Says the RNC and Trump Campaign Owe Him $2 Million

( — Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said last week that the Republican National Committee and Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign still owed him $2 million in legal fees for his work following the 2020 election, the New York Post reported.

Giuliani, who filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year, told a bankruptcy court last Wednesday that Trump had hired him to head up his campaign’s legal issues in November 2020 following his loss to Joe Biden.

Giuliani said that after taking over the efforts to challenge the election results, it was his understanding that the Trump campaign would pay for his legal work and expenses, according to Bloomberg Law.

Giuliani told the Manhattan federal bankruptcy trustee that while his expenses were paid, he never received a salary for leading the effort to pursue Trump’s complaints about “fraud in the election.”

While Giuliani could not place an exact dollar amount on the legal fees he was owed, he told the bankruptcy court that it was around $2 million. He said each time he submitted an invoice, the campaign would just pay “not all but most” of the expenses but none of the legal fees.

The former federal prosecutor was questioned for several hours over his financial disclosures, in which he listed nearly $153 million in liabilities and only $10.6 million in assets.

US Trustee Attorney Andrea Schwartz noted that some details about Giuliani’s assets and expenses would need to be revised for clarity.

Following the hearing, Giuliani told reporters that the meeting was professionally handled and Schwartz was “very thorough,” asking the “right questions.” He said he gave Schwartz all of the information she requested, adding, “I have nothing to hide.

Giuliani filed for bankruptcy after a Georgia jury ordered him to pay $148 million to the two Fulton County election workers who sued him for defamation after he accused them of committing voter fraud in 2020.

In a written statement following last week’s hearing, Giuliani’s spokesman, Ted Goodman, said the former mayor was forced to declare bankruptcy because of the “weaponization of our justice system.”

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