Ryan Binkley, Republican Presidential Underdog, Withdraws From Race And Backs Trump

(PatriotWise.com) — Longshot Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley announced on Tuesday that he was dropping out of the campaign and throwing his support behind frontrunner Donald Trump, The Hill reported.

The Texas pastor and CEO of the mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group said in a post on X that he began his campaign “with a message in my heart” that the path of deficit spending and the national debt would lead the country “to a generational economic disruption.”

Binkley said he continued to believe that it was possible to change course and balance the budget by “demonopolizing the healthcare system” that has bankrupted the country.

The little-known Republican candidate launched his campaign in late April on a platform of ending division, curbing the national debt, opposing illegal immigration and abortion, and addressing healthcare.

Binkley failed to gain traction in the polls and remained largely unknown in the race until he lost to Donald Trump in the Nevada caucus.

Fully aware of his obscurity, Binkley tried to gain attention for his campaign with the #WhoIsRyanBinkley hashtag.

Following his loss in Nevada in early February, Binkley told USA Today that if Trump won the nomination, he would withdraw from the race and endorse him.

In endorsing Trump on Tuesday, Binkley said that the former president would need the support of everyone as he faced “corrupt allegations and indictments.”

Binkley said that even as he returned to his normal life, he remained committed to the policies he advanced in his campaign and looked forward to finding ways that he could continue to “promote my policy positions.”

Binkley’s departure from the race came as Michigan voters were heading to the polls to vote in both the Republican and Democratic primaries.

Donald Trump easily won the GOP primary, defeating his remaining challenger, Nikki Haley, 68 percent to 26 percent.

President Biden faced a coordinated rebellion from Muslim and Arab voters in the state who voted for “uncommitted” in protest of the president’s support for Israel. While Biden sailed to victory with 81 percent of the vote, “uncommitted” received about 13 percent.

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