Trump’s Critics Don’t Think The GOP Will Move On After All

( — Anti-Trump Republicans are concerned that the former President’s victory in the race for GOP nominee is all but assured. Trump is riding high in the polls and has taken a convincing lead over his closest competitor Ron DeSantis. One Republican strategist said, “I think if you do write him off, you’re writing him off at your own peril. His supporters are loyal. He has a broad base.” Some GOP members had hoped that the party would move on from Trump, but the opposite appears to be the case. As the threat of indictment hung over the former President, his support only increased.

In a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey in late March, Trump had gained a commanding lead with 50% saying they would vote for him. Florida Governor DeSantis saw a corresponding decline in his support with only 24% saying he had secured their vote. The same poll revealed a 7% endorsement of former Vice President Mike Pence, with Nikki Haley at 5%. The majority of those polled – 57% – say they believe Trump will win the Republican nomination. DeSantis is still leading the alternative candidates convincingly and won 45% of the vote in a hypothetical contest that did not feature Donald Trump.

The decline in support for the Florida Governor was compounded by his controversial remarks on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Having first described it as a “territorial dispute” the Governor then clarified his words and described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal.” This prompted Trump to lash out and label Mr. DeSantis “foolish and ignorant.” Trump said using language such as “war criminal” about Mr. Putin made brokering peace between the warring nations almost impossible. Trump said that Russia must be treated with respect if peace is to be achieved. He has recently reiterated his claim that he would settle the conflict within 24 hours of being elected and that he is the only candidate in the 2024 race that can prevent escalation into World War 3.

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