Army Leader Concerned Over Supplying Two Nations with Munitions

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( — On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced another $200 million in new weapons for Ukraine while signaling that the Pentagon is preparing to provide support for Israel in its war with Hamas, Stars and Stripes reported.

While meeting with his fellow NATO defense chiefs in Brussels, Secretary Austin said the new Ukraine security package includes artillery, anti-tank and anti-drone weapons, and a new air defense system.

However, there is some concern that the US and its allies may not have the inventory necessary to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine, let alone supply lethal aid to Israel.

Last Thursday, the head of NATO’s Military Committee, Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer, warned that some member countries are running low on ammunition to send to Ukraine. He said during a discussion at the Warsaw Security Forum, “The bottom of the barrel is now visible,” and weapons manufacturers will have to ramp up production if NATO wants to keep lethal aid flowing.

Israel’s war with Hamas will likely exacerbate the already existing strain on NATO weapons stock.

However, Secretary Austin said the United States can “absolutely” supply both Ukraine and Israel.

He insisted that the Pentagon would do what is necessary “to help our allies and partners” while also doing everything necessary to ensure that the United States maintains the capability to protect its interests and defend itself.

Reuters reported on Monday that US Army Secretary Christine Wormoth called on Congress to approve additional funding to ensure that the Pentagon’s munitions acquisition and production are expanded to meet requests from both Kyiv and Jerusalem.

The first shipment of lethal aid to Israel is expected to arrive in Israel in the coming days.

Wormuth said the Pentagon has started reviewing Israel’s request for assistance and how those requests could affect US military readiness. Similar reviews are conducted when weighing assistance requests from Kyiv.

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