Graham Suggests Attacking Iran’s Oil Refineries

( — South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham this week called for the US to destroy an Iranian oil refinery for each American hostage murdered by Hamas.

While appearing on Fox’s “America Reports” on Monday, Graham said he was certain that Iran helped to plan and fund Hamas’ attack on Israel.

The Republican Senator slammed the Democrats for their appeasement of Iran and suggested that the only way to stop the war in Israel from escalating would be to “hold Iran accountable.”

Describing Hamas as “a bunch of animals” who should be “treated like animals,” Graham suggested that Israeli forces should invade Gaza and “dismantle” the Iranian-backed terror group.

Graham compared Hamas’ attacks on Israel and its continuing effort to kill the Jews to that of the Nazis in the 1930s and said that the world took too long to respond to Hitler. He urged world leaders to “condemn Iran.”

Graham called on the Biden administration to light up the White House in the colors of the Israeli flag, noting that Germany illuminated the Brandenburg Gate with the Israeli flag and the UK Prime Minister’s office at Number 10 Downing Street flew an Israeli flag.

The South Carolina Republican also slammed the far-left “Squad” in Congress who have criticized Israel and called for de-escalation, telling them to “shut the hell up.” Calling them a “disgrace to the United States Congress,” Graham said the Squad has emboldened the enemy.

By Wednesday morning, the death toll in Israel had risen to 1,200, including 14 American citizens, CBS News reported.

In remarks at the White House on Tuesday, President Biden said the United States stands with Israel against the “pure, unadulterated evil” at Hamas’ “bloody hands.”

The president said his administration would ensure that Israel would have what it needs to care for its citizens and “respond to this attack.” He said there is “no justification” or excuse for terrorism.

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